Security cameras are used throughout the world in the home and workplace to ensure the safety of your family, staff and belongings. When you are looking to buy CCTV cameras online you will have to decide what sort of CCTV security camera you are looking for. We supply our customers with both analogue and IP CCTV cameras for sale in bullet or dome styles.

We have high resolution, first-class CCTV cameras for sale. You can buy a CCTV camera online and begin surveillance throughout your business within weeks. Our quality control processes are of the highest standard and we offer a unique 18 month warranty on all our products.

Our incredibly low prices allow you to install a CCTV security camera system that does not exceed your budget limit. We offer wholesale prices to all our customers. Based in Sydney, we offer local service for our clients and a guaranteed two-week delivery.

We have a long list of clients who choose to buy CCTV cameras from CCTV4U; these clients include some of Australia’s biggest names in the auto industry as well as other well-known businesses. Align yourself with these reputable companies when you choose to buy CCTV camera online from us.

At CCTV4U we also have a range of mini and spy CCTV security cameras for sale. A hidden CCTV security camera can improve the security of your business by leading potential criminals to believe they are not under surveillance – increasing your chances of catching them in the act.

When your business requires heavy duty military grade thermal cameras we can offer the best prices when you choose to buy your CCTV camera online. Thermal cameras offer border and infrastructure protection as well as fire detection and dual-view surveillance. Prices are available on request for all these CCTV cameras for sale online. Simply contact us to discuss which CCTV security camera will suit your business.

Call 1300 101 519 or email us at to discuss our CCTV cameras for sale. Browse our website to view our products and their specifications. Buy a CCTV camera online today and protect your business in the future.

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  • Special products

    Thermal cameras, VMS and other special products are not priced.
    They are individualy tailored and therefore priced by direct quotation with the client.